Hi, I'm Luca Verginer

I am an empirical economist and network scientist, specializing in the dynamics of pharmaceutical supply chains, the role of patents in innovation, and the impact of social networks. My research employs causal inference, advanced econometrics, and deep learning methods, such as Graph Neural Networks (GNN) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The goal of my work is to provide empirical evidence that can guide policy and strategic decision-making in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Recent Publications

Adapting to disruptions: Managing supply chain resilience through product rerouting Science Advances (Jan, 2024)

The Impact of Acquisitions in the Biotechnology Sector on R&D Productivity Workin Paper (Nov, 2023)

The Robotic Herd: Using Human-Bot Interactions to Explore Irrational Herding SocArXiv (Sep, 2023)