Hi, I'm Luca Verginer

I am an empirical economist and network scientist studying through econometrics, numerical simulations, and network models issues related to intellectual property, supply chain resilience and high skill labour mobility, among (many) other subjects. I am passionate about data in all its forms (and sizes) and constantly looking for curious and ingenious ways to visualize, collect and extract value from it.

Recent Publications

The Impact of Acquisitions in the Biotechnology Sector on R&D Productivity Workin Paper (Nov, 2023)

The Robotic Herd: Using Human-Bot Interactions to Explore Irrational Herding SocArXiv (Sep, 2023)

Spillover of Antisocial Behavior from Fringe Platforms: The Unintended Consequences of Community Banning Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (Jun, 2023)