These are my works at various stages of completion:

🦺 Working Paper — 🔬 Under Review — ⭐ Starred


🔬 Spillover of Antisocial Behavior from Fringe Platforms: The Unintended Consequences of Community Banning arXiv - Sep 2022

🔬 The Impact of Acquisitions on Inventors' Turnover in the Biotechnology Industry arXiv - Mar 2022

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on scientific research in the life sciences PLOS One - Feb 2022

The role of network embeddedness on the selection of collaboration partners: An agent-based model with empirical validation Advances in Complex Systems - Jan 2022

🔬 Network embeddedness indicates the innovation potential of firms arXiv - Jan 2022


A network approach to expertise retrieval based on path similarity and credit allocation Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination - Jul 2021

Reproducing scientists' mobility: a data-driven model Scientific Reports - May 2021

Stem cell legislation and its impact on the geographic preferences of stem cell researchers Eurasian Business Review - Feb 2021

🔬 When standard network measures fail to rank journals: A theoretical and empirical analysis arXiv - Jan 2021

Talent Goes to Global Cities: The World Network of Scientists’ Mobility Research Policy - Jan 2021

Should the government reward cooperation? Insights from an agent-based model of wealth redistribution Advances in Complex Systems - Jan 2021

Analysis and Visualisation of Time Series Data on Networks with Pathpy Companion Proceedings of the Web Conference 2021 - Jan 2021


The mobility network of scientists: Analyzing temporal correlations in scientific careers Applied Network Science - Jul 2020

Cities and countries in the global scientist mobility network Applied Network Science - Jul 2020


The mobility of scientists and inventors: patterns and determinants PhD Thesis - Jan 2019