This is a collection of notes and thoughts, unfinished ideas and musings. It is inspired by the digital garden movement. As part of this approach, I make some of my notes public, hoping that these may be of interest to others and drive me to write more.

Many of these notes might appear unfinished, which is a feature ⚡️ , not a bug 🐛.


IMT Graduation Speech: Dunning Kruger and finishing a PhD Jul 15, 2021

How to make a multilayer network illustration isometric style Jun 4, 2021

Assigning DOIs to grants for transparency and research Jun 3, 2021

Add a conda env to a running jupyter server Jun 1, 2021

Value of Advertisement to Publishers (GDPR) May 31, 2021

Using LaTex diff with Git and SVN May 31, 2021

Apps and clis I use May 19, 2021

XDG All the Things or how to bring sanity to your $HOME Apr 3, 2021


Webscraping Airbnb with scrapy Feb 26, 2016


Wolfram Mathematica for Economists - Cobb Douglas Production Function May 16, 2015